Who We Are


We are a small but growing group of Alaskans who love our state and believe in its future - and are also very worried about that future with a lying governor leading an administration with tyrannical and profligate tendencies filled with incompetent and embarrassing appointees and an Outside, couldn’t-tell-a-salmon-from-a-halibut, Cruella de Vil-look-alike, ideological budget hatchet-woman who could not care one bit about Alaska or its people.

We do not believe Alaska is just a warehouse for the world to pillage and exploit. We reject the narrow, short-sighted vision that Alaska is only worth as much as the oil pumped out of its land and waters.

We believe in honest, transparent, and competent government and believe Alaskans deserve nothing less. We love our communities and our ways of life in the Great Land. We see Alaska’s potential for economic growth and diversification and innovation. We see our neighbors support each other in hard times. We know our history and we know we can prosper.

And we are - DONE - with Lyin’ Mike.