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Donate and SHop

Your donation and purchases help to keep this website running and up to date. Additionally, funds raised will go to support candidates, groups, causes, and events to hold Dunleavy and the legislature accountable and to advocate for a prosperous future for all Alaskans.

Because we value honesty and transparency, our donations (including products purchased through Future North) are reported to APOC.
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Contact your legislator

The best way to make your voice heard is to literally let them hear your voice. All Legislative Information Offices (LIO’s) are open and you can call or email your senator or representative directly.

To find a LIO nearest you, click here.

Click here for the State House and here for the State Senate.

In case you don’t know your legislators, you can type in your full address at the bottom of each of those pages and it will display the names and picture of your legislators.

attend an event

There’s nothing more fun than standing up for Alaska with old friends and meeting new friends. Many organizations including non-profits, advocacy groups, citizens’ groups, and even legislators will have events from coffees to rallies. We will try and post as many as we can find (although to really keep up to speed: once you find your legislator, find them on Facebook).